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Leah Messer ‘had a blast’ and an intense workout with a stripper pole

May 2, 2023

Mona Wexler

Leah Messer epitomized “hot mom” vibes as the Teen Mom star completed a grueling workout involving a stripper pole.

Since her split from Jaylan Mobley, Leah has been putting her best foot forward, bringing a revamped image and newfound confidence to match.

The 30-year-old MTV star recently showcased her love of dance and her enviable curves as she engaged in an intense stripper pole workout.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Leah shared a snap of herself holding onto a pole inside the KFIT Boutique Fitness studio in Charleston, West Virginia.

Leah looked incredibly fit in the shot, showcasing her killer physique in a black crop top and leather hotpants. She added some black, knee-high gladiator heels to elevate her sexy look and wore her long, dark hair down and straight.

The song Dance for You by Beyonce played in the background, and Leah added a gif that read, “hot mom check in.”

Leah Messer delivers ‘Hot Mom’ vibes for pole fitness dance session

On her TikTok, Leah shared some video footage from her pole fitness workout. Again using Beyonce’s appropriately titled song Dance for You, Leah recorded herself in the full-length mirror wall, also capturing some footage of the studio’s gorgeous interior.

Leah added a still shot at the end of the video, featuring herself sandwiched between two friends. The ladies posed on a sofa in front of the studio’s neon-lit backdrop reading “KFIT,” with Leah striking a fierce pose, her legs crossed and one hand near her head as she stared at the camera’s lens.

Leah captioned her TikTok, pointing out her love of dancing and giving props to “master” pole dancers.

It read, “#iykyk I LOVEEEE to dance. We had a blast and also a helluva work out @kfitboutiquefitness  Thank you so much for everything!  Props to everyone that masters this art, you’re the real MVP! Stay tuned…. #HotMomCheckIn.”

Leah models for The Fab House of West Virginia

Leah’s pole-dancing share comes on the heels of several videos from the Teen Mom veteran. The mom of three has been promoting The Fab House of West Virginia on Instagram, which recently captured Leah in some stunning photoshoots.

Leah showed off her sexy side in a series of photos and videos, clad in skimpy attire to promote the salon. The Fab House provides makeup tutorials, makeup and hair products, and salon services such as wig applications, hair and lash extensions, and makeup application, all under the direction of owner Kerry Wilkinson.

Teen Mom veteran Leah teases new business ventures

Aside from her long-standing career with the Teen Mom franchise, it looks as though Leah has some other business ventures in the works. She recently teased an upcoming project when she shared some professional headshots, then hinted at another endeavor.

Last month, Leah shared a video on Instagram, showing herself and some friends as they set up a room, which appeared to be a studio of some sort. Leah and her crew installed black curtains on one of the walls in the room, seemingly for a backdrop for photo shoots.

Leah is on top of the world these days, so stay tuned to see what else the Teen Mom star has in store for her future.